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A Music Sharing Rotation™
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A rotation that posts music from all around the world, in many genres. 4000+ members!

blessingoflove is a pop music rotation that began running in may 2007. we are members-only and rely on a select handful of uploaders to provide our membership with as wide of variety of music as we can. we are mostly centered around asian media, with japanese being the most often posted. however, we also try include other languages including english, chinese and more.


01. The community must be joined in order see posts. This community is most definitely friends only.

02. Here at BOL, we value how much our uploaders do for us - even other staff members take advantage of the goods that get posted. Because it does take time to upload the files, format the posts, and write our attempts at reviews, please take two seconds out of your life to thank the uploader for her or his effort. ♥

03. If you need a re-upload of a file, for now, just ask in the original post of the media in question. Other, more specific requests are up to the staff member who made the entry you are commenting on. Also, please do not repost our links anywhere else unless we say otherwise. If we catch you doing this without asking us or giving us credit, you will probably be banned on the spot? Dont. Do. It.

04. Do not start drama in this community because we will not hesitate to ban you. Especially if anything is uploaded that you do not favor,. Please just do not say anything if you can't do so without being rude. You are entitled to your own opinions but purposely flat out bashing the artist in question or anyone for liking them will not be tolerated. This is not youtube. ;)

05. The law states to delete music samples within 24 hours. What you do with the files after you take them from here, we are not responsible for but please remember to purchase the media to support your favorite artists!


mei_yanohi ››› last.fm; kingt731 ››› last.fm; llorenn ››› last.fm; biscottis ››› last.fm; undetectable ››› last.fm; lovemelody ››› last.fm; allthingsgood ››› last.fm; kuroshin; msclairvoyant ››› last.fm; ddrmel ››› last.fm; catoblepas ››› last.fm; stillglows ››› last.fm; woelvs ››› last.fm


itrinity_music; some_day_music; kpop_uploads; japan_uploads; drugtrax; tsunogae; soundresque; punch_desu; ying_zi_de_xin; pacificmelody; music_envy; 7music; destinyrhythms; the_refreshment; orionsounds; wintersymphony; lo_stivale; aramatheydidnt; lingeringnights

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